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Erika Miklóšová: Still Life with Draperies II.

The exhibition of large-size drawings of the young Slovak artist (born in 1984), the theme of which are family archive scenes. By its redrawing and the change of a format scale she introduces new associations, as well as the wider scope of social and artist sharp eye visions.

Author, Exhibition Title: Erika Miklóšová: Still Life with Draperies II.
Venue: Synagogue - Center of Contemporary Art, Halenárska 2, Trnava
Curator: Alexandra Hollá
Opening: 14.2. 2019 (Thursday) 6.00 p.m.
Exhibition Duration: 14.02. (Thursday) – 31.03. (Sunday) 2019

Curator's guided tour - March 26, 2019 5.00 pm


Erika Miklóšová is a perceptive artist, her works reflect her sensibility and intuitiveness that she puts to respective paintings and drawings. Her diversified portfolio includes paintings, drawings and graphics. The artist expresses herself in cycles or series where she repeatedly works with one theme in various versions, she uses its natural meaning context. Her artistic program relates to the themes of her identity, home, past, personal experience.

The author will present draperies series at the exhibition. She focuses on ornaments, textile patterns through which she tells stories.
She obtains material for pieces directly in the "field", she uses quality material, handmade clothing, she takes great care to decorations, the part of which are fabrics. The author is fascinated by material. She replaces canvas by paper when creating still-life scenes. She creates original works respecting paper as screens for projection, which are modified by author´s interventions to paintings highlighting a narrative character. Material fragility is enhanced by a combination of the techniques - acrylic and pastel.

She sees clothing, the main theme of her works, in various meaning levels: she considers it as material developed for practical and aesthetic purposes, it is produced, purchased, disposed, re-used, kept for next generations. Clothing is seen as a tangible thing which has also an abstract value that is a memory related to family, home or a particular moment. Cloths become the representation of value, reference to past or a specific person.

The author creates a world of imagination. where people are represented by their clothes - she replaces the portraits of herself and family by display of clothing. People appear to be deprived of identity, their faces are hold back and replaced by their clothes. The characters which are expected form this genre, are missing. Painting becomes a metaphor, it gains new characteristics. Fabrics are brightened, it obtains an autonomy and own life, comes to the forefront, earns admiration. The author decomposes formless fabrics to spontaneous dirndls, she installs fabrics into various positions in minimalist compositions on the wall, she brings an emotional value. She converts inflexibility to dynamic inversions. She engages a background wall in dialogue with fabrics, she creates a patterned tapestry on the wall.

A human silhouette draped in drapery appears only in one drawing.
The author changed an atelier for four times during the process of series creation. That is why various subjects are added to the large size compositions. It is added irregularly, conditional on the atelier change.

For example, it is represented by a simple drapery, this time not as the part of clothing, but also as tree branches that she found on the road to the atelier. The author distorts the composition, allows the viewer to to get a glimpse of randomly found objects that facilitate the process of work, eventually these object are present at any time of work creation. The author is accompanied by these objects, it brings rest from manual work required by large size drawings.

Mgr. Alexandra Hollá

Mgr. art. Erika Miklóšová
2008 – 2010 Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Ateliér ++- XXI, prof. Daniel
Fischer, master degree
2004 – 2008 Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava,, Ateliér ++- XXI, prof. Daniel
Fischer, bachelor degree
2000 – 2004 The Secondary School of Scenic Arts, Bratislava
Solo exhibitions (selection):
2018 Point, Line, Blur, Area ..Perspective?, Čin Čin Gallery, Bratislava
2018 Things that Matters to me, Čin Čin Gallery, Bratislava
2018 Still Life with Draperies, ARTotéka gallery, City Library, Bratislava
2017 Pattern, Flatgallery, Bratislava
2017 Draperies, Art market Budapesť, HU
2016 After, Dot Contemporary Gallery, Bratislava
2015 6x9=2015, BANSKÁ STIAVNICA, Contemporary Culture Space, Banská Štiavnica
2015 Tapestry at Winkler, Platform for Contemporary Culture, Lučenec
2014 KRAJ(INÁ), Flatgallery, Bratislava
2013 Orlando, Flatgallery, Bratislava
2013 One Glance is Enough.…, Čin Čin Gallery, Bratislava
VÚB Painting finalist 2012, 2011, 2010 ESSL ART AWARD, CEE, finalist, 2011, Price for Painting, 2012
Grants: 2011 the Radislav Matuštík Grant, Bratislava Gallery


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