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Biennial of Small-scale Sculpture


Title of the exhibition: 6th Biennial of Small-scale Sculpture
3D Dialogue
Authors: Marcin Berdyszak (PL), František Bohunický, Ján Hrčka, Katarína Kissoczy, Martin Kochan, Patrik Kovačovský, Bohuš Kubinský, Helena Lukášová (CZ), Palo Macho, Róbert Makar, Stefan Meisl (D), Ľubo Mikle, Miroslav Pallo, Mira Podmanická, Vika Shumskaya (UKR), Ivana Sláviková, Michal Šuda, Iveta Tomanová, Miroslav Trubač, Vlad Yurashko (UKR)
Venue: Jan Koniarek Gallery in Trnava, Synagogue – Center of Contemporary Art,
Halenárska 2, Trnava
Curator: Roman Popelár
Opening of the exhibition: August 1, 2019 (Thursday) at 6.00 pm
Duration of the exhibition: August 1, 2019 (Thursday) – September 15, 2019 (Sunday)


The Biennial of Small-scale Sculpture presents intimate 3D works by the younger and middle-aged generations of the Slovak visual artists and guests from abroad created predominantly in the course of the last two-three years.

Up to the 6th Biennial, the event was linked to the town of Pezinok – in the context of the initial conception of the organizer – the civic organisation ATELIÉR PK and professional guarantors – academic sculptor Jozef Jankovič and art historian Ľuba Belohradská. It concerned endeavours of its founders to set up an event of the international significance in a smaller regional town in Slovakia – taking the Biennial of Small-scale Sculpture in Murska Sobota, Slovenia, as an example – http://www.galerija-ms.si/gallery-item/13-mednarodni-bienale-male-plastike/, where in the course of years also Slovak theorists/artists participated as curators and exhibitors. From this point of view, the year 2007 was symbolic: in Murska Sobota it was last – the 23rd event, in Pezinok it was the 1st one. Under the title Facts/Artefacts and in the curator´s choice by Ľuba Belohradská, it meant an exception: it was mapping the history of creating small-scale sculpture and a freely standing object in Slovakia in the years 1990 – 2007.

In the year 2010, the current curator Roman Popelár took a professional charge of the event and in the course of the following four biennials (2011, 2013, 2015, and 2017) he developed an international touring exhibition from this regional event. It was attended by artists from the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Japan, and Ukraine. Since the year 2013, the entered authors have already been subject to the curator´s choice; in 2015, a curator started addressing them also by himself. In the year 2017, the event was introduced abroad for the first time – on the ground of the ASP Gallery in Wroclaw, and in the same year, the exhibition was reinstalled (for the first time, too) also in the Synagogue – Centre of Contemporary Arts, Jan Koniarek Gallery in Trnava.

This year the Biennial has been/shall be presented in four regional galleries in Slovakia in turn (Kysuce Gallery in Oščadnica, Jan Koniarek Gallery in Trnava, Turiec Gallery in Martin, and Gallery of Miloš Alexander Bazovský in Trenčín), as well as in UMELKA Gallery in Bratislava. At present, it has a strong competition mainly of the Triennial of Small-scale Sculpture and Drawing in Banská Štiavnica, whose 12th year was just a year ago (several previous Triennials were qualitatively unbalanced, however, in the year 2015, its organization was taken up by a powerful tandem (M. Janušová and E. Vilím) who have given the event a new face and sense.

A known event is also the Triennial of Small-scale Sculpture in Fellbach, Germany, which is being held (01/06 – 29/09/2019), http://www.triennale.de/english/concept.php, and is enjoying the spectator attendance and publicity.

The Biennial of Small-scale Sculpture has been over its crisis years, though it has never had a shortage of persons interested in exhibiting. Thematically, this biennial is oriented to the following three groups of themes: atypical forms of figuration (created either by classical procedures or the latest technologies – CNC milling machine, 3D printer...), alternatively it is a torso of the figure focused on expressive gesture. The figuration is balanced by abstraction – whether the classical geometry or inorganic structural objects focused on infinity (space). The third group is presented by so-called personal mythology – works originating from personal experience.

The gallery exhibitions are complemented by guided tours for schoolchildren or the lay public. They are organized by the professional gallery staff and according to the locality also the exhibiting authors are invited. Part of the first biennials was the programme CHILDREN AT THE EXHIBITION where children discussed the works and under gallery pedagogue supervision they reacted in their artistic expression. At present, it is important that many directors and professional staff of the Slovak galleries are inclined to the event which along with the signals of a foreign interest in the Slovak sculpture open new possibilities of forming the Biennial for the future and more favourable conditions for ATELIÉR PK concerning its coordination and production.

Roman Popelár   

Slovak Arts Council is the main sponsor of the project.

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