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Katalin Madarász Decsi: Transparent Pieces

Author, exhibition title: Katalin Madarász Decsi: Transparent Pieces
Venue:  Jan Koniarek Gallery in Trnava (GJK), Synagogue - Centre of Contemporary
Halenárska 2, Trnava
Curator:  Máté Csanda
Opening:  February 9, (Thu) 2017 at 06.00 PM
Duration:  February 9, (Thu) - March 26, (Sun) 2017  


The pictures from the series of Transparent Pieces are predominantly typical of consequent minimalism and austere anti-rhetoric nature. They are characterised by a notable absence of any narrativity and anthropomorphising.

The material itself is loaded with symbols - the artist uses cabbage juice for painting and plain wrapping paper as a material base. The author's artistic morphology may remind us of a purist and moderate language - arte povera. The works are soaked with metaphors of evanescence and impermanence - due to the fact that the shapes are ephemeral (affected by time). As the paint, slowly but surely, fades away, the visible content gradually disappears (in the course of several months), until only the wrapping paper is left, evoking in a viewer a kind of fragile, slightly wavy, and semi-transparent membrane (and, due to its wax nature, a human skin, too). The works thus intentionally display a slow decay, or possibly the self-destruction of a form and content.

In terms of iconography, we may identify (every time isolated, depicted independently) different objects: they are very much banal, profane and mostly unnoteworthy (in this sense: transparent) and surround us daily; we assess them solely on the basis of their functions or functionality (an ironing machine, a kettle, a table, various vessels, etc.). Nevertheless, the author consciously avoids traditional schemes of composition and imaginative still life conventions - she always concentrates on one specific object only (thus, we may read the works as cryptic portraits, as well). A significant aspect of the works is the fact that only object contours are depicted - as silhouettes or shadow pictures - with a more-or-less conscious recursion of Plato or his philosophical background, which implies that phenomenal world, i.e. everything we perceive with our senses (in terms of figures, volume and space, perspective, etc.) is a mere shadow of reality - a derived and limited form of "reality".

The works may also be viewed as pious images - a human dimension, a personal dimension is coming out to the surface ex negativo, by means of the gentle, subtle and layered symbolism of the depicted objects. Through this symbolism, the objects are portrayed as materialized interfaces with their own specific memory - like contact areas of various human activities, procedures and interactions. In this way, Transparent Pieces have been becoming tiny relics of our own evanescence.

Kati Madarász Decsi (*1982) has graduated at the Faculty of Arts of the Technical University of Košice (from graphics and experimental works, supervised by prof. Rudolf Sikora). She focuses on graphics, using a number of experimental procedures (photography, video, monotype, painting with organic substances and on unconventional surfaces, often overlapping with installation or environment). She lives and creates her works in Nové Zámky.

Máté Csanda

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