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Jakub Roček: Principias

Author, Exhibition title: Jakub Roček: Principias
Venue: Jan Koniarek Gallery, Koppel Villa, Zelený kríček 3, Trnava
Curator: Marianna Brinzová
Opening: December 7, 2017 (Thu) at 18.00
Duration: December 7, 2017 (Thu) - January 28, 2018 (Sun)



Jakub Roček (CZ) works with media of drawing, graphics, installation, digital video, 3D animation and film in a free manner. The central theme of his work is some sort of “scientific” model of the world which is constantly analysed and questioned. Scientific principles and theories are transformed into visual language while their imperfections and consequences are uncovered and identified. The main and long term theme of the work of Jakub Roček is virtual reality and its principles. He deals with questions like why virtuality penetrates current society, what it causes and how it influences the view of objective and material reality. In a narrower scope, he focuses on virtuality in scientific field as a specific tool of current human knowledge which is closely related to a notion of so called objective truth. Roček’s exploration examines general notions of our existence such as: space and time, matter, body and evolution, around which the scientific knowledge itself is built. However, he deals with these existential questions in a framework of cybernetic space. The work with 3D virtual space is a very important part of his work, output of which has a form of digital video and 3D animation.

The exhibition project Principias includes a set of several videos, 3D animations, drawings and spatial installations which together create a narrative entity. Principias is a broader and multi-layer exploration reflecting author’s artistic methods on the borderline of visual art and science, through which he attempts to deal with the pragmatic world. It combines “scientific” and artistic-poetic language. The title Principias is derived from theoretical paper of Isaac Newton in which he formulated mathematical-physical theories including the theory of gravitation. In his Principia, Roček compares principles of classical mechanics with so called post-mechanics which emerged sometime in the postmodern period and which is still present. Connecting these two principles (mechanics and post-mechanics) allowed creation of visual environment - virtual reality, to which the term simulacrum is related. Roček is interested in creation of simulacra as a principle of creation of “realities” which do not have prototype in a real physical world and which are only codes and mathematically expressible values.

“Mathematics created a machine. A machine provided body to mathematics. It devoured nature and offered it to man stripped to the bone. Like that, man became used to virtuality given to him by the machine. Today, we live in just such era, in an era of machines and mechanical thinking. Physical presence was swapped for virtual presence, several times mediated information.”

Jakub Roček (born1989, Brno) completed studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno University of Technology (2016), Studio of Drawing and Graphics under Svätopluk Mikyta. He participated in several group exhibitions, did several solo exhibitions and attended several art residence programs both in Czech Republic and abroad. He lives and creates in Prague.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication in a form of author’s book of the same name Principie (Principias). Thematic continuation of the project called Principia 2.0 will be presented in an exhibition in Bunker in Nitra Gallery (December 14, 2017 - January 28, 2018).

Marianna Brinzová

Slovak Arts Council is the main sponsor of the project.
Supported using public funding by 



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