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Name of the event: International symposium of AN IMAGE OF A SOUL - IMAGO ANIMA
Dedicated to the occasion of the 115th birth anniversary of Teodor Tekel
(Hommage á Teodor Tekel)
Date: June 18-25, 2017
Place: Jan Koniarek Gallery in Trnava, Synagogue - Centre of Contemporary Art,
Halenárska 2, Trnava
Opening of the exhibition: June 25 (Sun), 2017 at 5.00 PM
Duration: June 25 (Sun) – July 2 (Sun), 2017


The purpose of this symposium is to establish cultural cooperation with artists from the neighbouring countries and the countries which the Trnava Self-governing Region has close social relationships with. A secondary aim is to learn about our region and positively promote the Trnava Region at the time when it is necessary to strengthen the Christian foundations and Christian culture in Europe. There are nine participants, artists with academic education, from eight countries: Jitka Bezúrová - Mošková (SK), Karel Prášek (CZ), Imre Tolnay (HU), Wolfgang Horvath (AT), Alan Konopczynski (POL), Vartan Markaryan (UA), Gleb Skubachevskij (RUS), Hala Twal (JOR), Hala Abu - Bakr (JOR), Róbert (Viktor) Němeček (SK). For one week, the artists will be working in the premises of the Synagogue, and from Sunday, June 25, they will be exhibiting their works at the Improvised week exhibition on the ground floor of the Synagogue, until Sunday, July 7, 2017. This year, we commemorate the 115th birth anniversary of Teodor Tekel, a Franciscan monk, artist, priest and an indomitable man. He was among those artists who faced persecution of the state apparatus in the 1950s, because their art did not suit the Communist ideology. The inhabitants of Trnava are rightly proud that Teodor Tekel chose the spiritual Little Rome to become the place where he worked and later also found his final resting. Even though he did not have sufficient funds, he kept creating his works of art with the help of his friends, artists, as well as common people. Many of his contemporaries from Trnava recollect a simple, kind priest who was close to children and influenced his surrounding with his homeliness and goodness. His lifestyle was very modest; he often lived only on small offerings. He charged no money for teaching children to draw. The source of Teodor Tekel's works is his unbreakable and sincere faith. The faith is both a source of the themes through which the author responded to the time he lived at, as well as the meaning and fulfilment of his life. His mystical drawings and paintings overlaid the lies about a "pink" ideal of the Communist future. They are both an appeal and a reconciliation with fate. Jan Koniarik Gallery founded by the Trnava Self-governing Region owns an extensive collection of Teodor Tekel's works. The Gallery was given the collection in 1976, and on the occasion of the 100th birth anniversary of Tekel, it organised a great complex exhibition called Oheň duše (The Fire of a Soul). In this day and age, when a spiritual aspect and Christian principles have been losing their status in the dehumanised, globalised world, the message of Teodor Tekel is getting more and more timely. Through the symposium, his moral message will acquire an international dimension, especially in the countries with which the Trnava Self-governing Region maintains above-standard partner relationships. We suppose that the collective of the artists who will be working in the historic Trnava, in the Synagogue - Centre of Contemporary Art, for one week will create valuable pieces of contemporary and modern art that will enrich not only the citizens, but also the collections of Jan Koniarek Gallery.

Róbert Němeček, academic architect


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