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Miriama Schniererová: Psychedelia

This project has been supported using public funds provided by Slovak Arts Council

Author, exhibition title: Miriama Schniererová: Psychedelia
Venue: Jan Koniarek Gallery in Trnava, Koppel Villa, Zelený kríček 3, Trnava
Curator: Jana Babušiaková
Opening: January 14, 2016 (Thu) at 18:00
Duration: January 14, 2016 (Thu) – February 28, 2016 (Sun)


Miriama Schniererová is one of the youngest generation artists and has already introduced her work on four smaller solo exhibitions. However, Psychedelia has been her largest presentation, comprising of a selection of large and small format paintings and also works of installation art and objects.

Psychedelia is a state of consciousness in which sensory perception and orientation in time and space are altered. It is especially characterised by “opening of mind” by its sensitisation towards hidden aspects and by liberation from the chains of dailiness. Miriama Schniererová tries to bring the viewer to very similar sensitisation and opening oneself to the impulses of their inner world far away from the noisy dailiness, which creates neither space nor time for them. Her work has been focusing on subjective experience from the very beginning. During her bachelor’s degree, she was looking for the motifs of her paintings in the memories of childhood and developed a technique of layering paint and wax which are subsequently modified by scratching and pealing. Uncovering of paint layers hidden underneath the wax is like uncovering of unknown aspects of memories. Nonetheless, nostalgic snapshots from birthday parties and playgrounds are not just an amusing memory of childhood, but mainly a memory of its irreversible disappearance in the past.

Fascination by elusiveness of the moment and its unstoppable transformation from “now“ to “once“ is another essential aspect of author’s work. Besides others, this fascination transformed into works with elements of baroque still-life, Vanitas, in which a clock appears as a symbol of inexorably passing time. In her works, the author focuses on fragments of moments richness of which we perceive by all senses, and also on the everlasting desire of man to preserve them in an unchanged form. However, capturing transiency is impossible: although we can become collectors of these moments, their real essence always slips through our fingers. Only an empty shell remains in our hands – a butterfly on a pin which does not fly anymore or an old lustre in the middle of the room that has lost its glow.

Combinations of colours in the most recent works are inspired by the fashion and colour printing of the 1960s. For the first time, objects that appear in the canvases transcend the boundaries of painting domain and obtain a new level of interpretation within three-dimensional installations. Combining painting and installation, the author created a space in which memories overlap with dreams. It is a reality in which time stops and has a hallucinatory effect. Similarly to a psychedelic flashback, it makes an insight into a mind and reliving of past moments possible.

Jana Babušiaková

Information about the author:
She was born in Nové Zámky, Slovakia, in 1989.

2012 - 2014 Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, Master’s degree, Painting and Other Media (Studio of prof. D. Fischer)
2008 - 2012 Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, Bachelor’s degree, Painting and Other Media (Studio of prof. I. Csudai)
2004 - 2008 School of Applied Arts, Bratislava, field: Promotional Graphics

Solo Exhibitions
2015 My Old Shadow, Galéria Cit, Bratislava
Stratený čas, Galéria Dunaj, KC Dunaj, Bratislava
2014 Bez názvu, The Spot, Bratislava
Rediscovery, Miniart Gallery, Bratislava

Group exhibitions
2015 PED ART ŠOU, Artforum, Bratislava
2014 Guláš, River Gallery, Bratislava
Small with Bigs.., VŠVU, Bratislava
2013 Presents, Dunaj Gallery, KC Dunaj, Bratislava
Christmas Bestseller, Soda Gallery, Bratislava
2012 Young Art Show, Dom umenia, Piešťany
2011 We Could Wish, Hopkirk, Bratislava


2013 Bažant Pohoda Festival, Trenčín
2011 Bažant Pohoda Festival, Trenčín
          Balaton symposion, Tihany, HU

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