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Ján Hlavatý: Mimicry

Author, exhibition title: Ján Hlavatý: Mimicry
Venue: Jan Koniarek Gallery in Trnava, Koppel Villa, Zelený kríček 3, Trnava
Curator: Eva Trojanová
Opening: March 10, 2016 (Thu) at 18:00
Duration: March 10 (Thu) – April 24 (Sun), 2016


The outcome of more than three decades of Ján Hlavatý’s painting endeavours reflects not only the inner stability of his artistic opinion but also the necessity to sensitively react to the transformations and functions of fine arts.

Since the 1980s he has been a part of the generation which, back then, was considered almost “rebellious” and which revolted against the paradigms of that time and reacted to the penetrating signals of postmodern painting.

Hlavatý found the new painting expressivity based on traditions of different kinds of expressionist painting and abstract expressionism very inspiring. From the beginning, in his painting concepts, he focused on developing a dramatic program based on a figurative foundation. However, the figure was just a vague background which enabled dramatization of the colourful and compositional elements of the painting to stand out. That was why, in continuity of the evolution of painting, Hlavatý was primarily preoccupied with evaluation of painterly qualities of an image without concretizing relations. In the following periods he elaborated a whole range of possibilities of working with paint and its diversity. The foundation included planar relationships defined by combinations of stains, elaboration of colour accords, fierce gestural brushwork, contrast of linear and calligraphic, gestural strokes or structuring by sand. An attribute of new abstraction was ascribed to this form of the character of Hlavatý’s work. This does not concern just the formal development but also correlativeness and most of all extensions into different areas of meaning and style /landscape, architecture, figure/. In the recent period, different “thematic” scenes ranging from introspection and meditations to return to the figure, landscape and sign appeared in Hlavatý’s work. Hlavatý’s painting retains the first impression of abstraction while its new approach expresses the need of “ascribing significance” to the status of the work of art in the current transformations of the function of fine arts.

Eva Trojanová

Ján Hlavatý /1955 Zlaté Moravce, Slovakia/ studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava /under the guidance of prof. Ján Želibský/ from 1975 to 1981. Besides painting, he also learned other techniques – stuccolustro, hot wax painting, sgrafitto and mosaic. In 1996, he founded A1 Group along with Ján Kelemen and Alexej Kraščenič. Together, they exhibit both in Slovakia and abroad. Ján Hlavatý is also active in drawing and creating monumental works for architecture. He participates in artistic symposia in Slovakia and abroad /Schrattenberg, Austria, Moravany n/Váhom, Slovakia, Thessaloniki, Greece.../. His artwork is represented in Slovak public collections and also in private collections abroad.

Solo exhibitions /selection/:
2015 Painting. Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum. Bratislava – Čunovo
2014 Michalský Dvor Gallery. Bratislava /with J. Kelemen/
2013 Through and Through. Čin-Čin Gallery. Bratislava
2012 A1. Mojmírovce Chateau. Mojmírovce
2011 Sumec Gallery. Bratislava
2004 A1. Z Gallery. Bratislava
2003 A1. Slapansky Gallery. Munich, Germany
2002 A1. Art Centre. Bratislava
           Ján Hlavatý. NOVA Gallery. Bratislava
1999 Michalský Dvor Gallery. Bratislava
           Forum de l´Hôtel de Ville. Saint-Louis, France
1996 Cultural Capital of Europe. Thessaloniki. Greece
1995 Slovak Cultural Institute. Budapest, Hungary
           Bratislava City Gallery. Bratislava
1992 Nitra State Gallery. Nitra
1991 Mitte Gallery. Vienna /with J. Bartusz, M. Boďa and M. Hrčka/, Austria


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