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Ján Berger / Xénia Bergerová: Blending

The painting exhibition of two genetically connected authors - father and daughter - Ján Berger and Xénia Bergerová - in Jan Koniarek Gallery bears a characteristic name Blending. 

Authors, exhibition title: Ján Berger, Xénia Bergerová: Blending
Venue: Jan Koniarek Gallery in Trnava, Koppel Villa, Zelený kríček 3, Trnava
Exhibition curator: Xénia Lettrichová
Opening: July 7, 2016 (Thu), at 18:00
Duration: July 7, 2016 - September 4, 2016


The works of Xénia Bergerová (*1977) are represented by paintings created during the last five years, in which the painter more and more often uses the total luminous and visual value of gold surface. "This period can be also seen as a shift from everyday "trivial" reality towards a transcendent and spiritual dimension of art... Xénia Bergerová is not attracted by the spectacularity of contemporary imagination linked with the world of simulacral images of mass media. Her paintings remain a matter of her own personal world and a search connected with the tradition of autonomy of painting as a "pure" medium, not burdened by subcultural genres or by attractive electronic images. (Zora Rusinová, 2015)
"The works of recent months in the thematically known area represent the current completion of author's researches and the search for a fulfilling informative form. They astonish us with certain radicality, a vigorous turn towards a new direction, resulting from the life changes and Xénia's choice of a swifter painting technique. Especially the oil painting is substituted by acrylic, the brushwork on the whole or partial surface of picture is replaced by metallic gold leaves. These, in return, enrich the surface with a texture, reflexes, luminosity and mirroring, with an illusion of space and a special dematerialisation..." says the exhibition curator Xénia Lettrichová concerning the latter direction of Bergerová's pictures.

Xénia Lettrichová discusses Ján Berger (*1944) in the text of his monograph (Ján Berger, Reco Senica, 2014) as follows: "The painting programme of Ján Berger is the reflection of his own experience, life emotions and knowledge; the reflection of his time and his life. Owing to that his works have never lost their authentic scent. Rudolf Filla once said "... only a few have such a focused and reactive nervature as Ján Berger." He keeps strengthening and developing his characteristic form of interpretation; he improves and looks for its depiction possibilities and, above all, the way how to internally blend the idea with its rendering. Berger's painting development has its own inner continuity. It is not divided into formal or contentually different periods. It is rather fluent, although from time to time it deviates and even contradicts itself.

A wide selection of both authors' works will be installed in the premises of Jan Koniarek Gallery; approx. 70 - 80 small and large format pictures, representing two independent authorial collections.


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