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Walls Divide – Bridges Connect

Exhibition of works of 19 authors from Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia who took part in two creative symposia eu-art-network in the cultural center Celley Muehle, Oslip in Burgenland in 2013 - 2014.

Exhibition title: Múry rozdeľujú - Mosty spájajú / Walls Divide – Bridges Connect
Venue: The Ján Koniarek Gallery /GJK/, Synagogue – Centre of Contemporary Art,
Halenárska 2, Trnava
Exhibiting authors:
Peter Assman (A), Ivan Bukovsky (CZ), Frank Degelow (D), Zsolt Ferenczy (H), Sylvia Galos (A), Hannesi Haider (A), Tobias Hermeling (A), Wolfgang Horvath (A), Elisabeth Howey (D), Marcus Huber (A), Klaus Ludwig Kerstinger (A), Sepp Laubner (A), Milan Lukáč (SK), Robert Němeček (SK), Robert Schneider (A), Priska Streit (D), Karolina Szyzmanowska (PL), Hans Witzelsdorfer (A)
Curator: Wolfgang Horvath (A)
Opening: 26.2. 2015 (Thursday), 18:00
Duration: 26.2. - 29.3. 2015

The event is realized by the Trnava Self-governing Region in cooperation with the association eu-art-network within the RECOM program – the cross-border cooperation with the partnership region of Burgenland.


1989 was the year of the fall of the Iron Curtain, which, as an iron yoke, oppressed postwar Europe. The fall of the Berlin Wall and touching exodus of East German citizens who decided to go for freedom through Czechoslovakia to Hungary and then through Austria back to Germany, outlined not only the connection and unification of Germany, but also started the Europe´s unification process between East and West. After a quarter of a century when all the mentioned post-communist countries have been enjoying freedom in different levels of democracy, an epoch-invoked space for balancing appeared. A space for a dispute on the effect of the non-existent wall, of the importance of this event, consequences and legacies for the young generation born after 1989. Since impossible, just like in a fairy tale, has become possible, the walls around us have fallen and the initial euphoria has been milled by everyday reality, also the fine art responds to the newly arising phenomenon: building walls within us. We are imperfect, full of fear, prejudice, buck-passing and chauvinism and maybe also full of hidden or even open racism. Thus arose two topics for the two years of symposia held by the association eu-art-network:
Demolished Walls – Open Space /2013) and Open Space – Invisible Walls (2014).

Both symposia were held in two levels: visual (art artifacts and dance) and musical (composed works). All this saw the light of day in the multicultural center Celley Muehle in the town of Oslip, near the Neusiedlersee in Burgenland (A). For the participants two two-week turns meant a link among artists of different nationalities, symbiosis of views in the early-evening debates on the art and the exchange of experience in the field of art and culture. Their common language, in addition to German
and English, was the language of art. The event resulted in works that the association eu-art-network presents within the exhibition program which began in January in Budapest, continues through Trnava to Bayreuth and then to Leipzig.

The Trnava audience has the opportunity to see various views of the given subject expressed through acrylic and oil paintings, prints, monotypings, photos, video projections as well as spatial objects, sculptures and statues. Even the mere installation in the premises of the Synagogue – Centre of Contemporary Art is not accidental. Last year, in the project entitled „Gallery with Open Arms“ the Ján Koniarek Gallery hosted a group of artists called Focus Europa as well as a multicultural grouping of European authors. The role of the exhibition „Walls Divide – Bridges Connect“ is not to solve political problems of any particular country, it does not alert or incite, it just calls attention, notes and responds. It is like the diversity of motifs on euro banknotes: windows, gates, bridges, ...through the window we look out onto the world, we enter the world through the gate, and bridges – bridges connect.

Acad. Arch. Róbert Němeček, Director
Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava


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