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Monika and Bohuš Kubinský: Imagine

Author, exhibition title: Monika and Bohuš Kubinský: Imagine
Venue: The Ján Koniarek Gallery /GJK/, Kopplova vila, Zelený kríček 3, Trnava
Curator: Roman Popelár
Opening: 11.06.2015 (Thursday), 18:00
Duration: 11.06.2015 (Thursday) – 16.08.2015 (Sunday)


Monika and Bohuš Kubinský entered the art scene in the early 90s. At that time, Bohuš engaged mostly in the chamber sculpture with post-conceptual overlap, and Monika in restoration and free painting. The Central European art space of that period was characterized by the onset of the installation media, video installations and site-specific projects. They both started to use their creative potential in favor of joint intermedia projects situated in the former sacral spaces (Znenie ticha /Sound of Silence/, 1994, St.John Chapel in Bratislava; Story, 1995, Synagogue – Centre of Contemporary Art in Trnava and Hall, 1999, At Home Gallery – Synagogue in Šamorín). The above mentioned installations resonate in the minds of professional public even after two decades because they have something that is characteristic for their creation: narrative and meditative dimension. Sound of Silence was a reflection and symbolic expression of gratitude for the birth of their elder son Tadeáš; the project Story (Umenie aury /The Art of Aura/ 3, curator Jana Geržová) was a reminder of the Holocaust in the year of the 50th anniversary of the end of WWII and the project Hall brought acoustic responds to movement: sensors that sounded glass flasks as symbols of the soul. They were firmly anchored in massive concrete.

Thanks to their joint and solo exhibitions they were in 1998 invited to participate in the prestigious grant program Pollock-Krasner in New York. Moreover, in 1996 and 2000 Bohuš was a finalist of the Young Artist of the Year Prize and TONAL (now Oskár Čepan prize). In 1992 Monika won the award at the International Symposium in the Italian Carrara (1st place for painting).

In addition to exhibition activities they dedicate themselves in architecture projects and public space for several years. Let us mention the monumental stained glass for the church in Radôstka (1998), monumental sintered glass in stained glass windows for the church in Lozorno (2005), the Story of Springs fountain in Piešťany (2009), Elesko – the protective stone of vineyards (2006-2009) and the light object SKY for the atrium of the headquarters of the bank Slovenská sporiteľňa (2011-2013).

The project Imagine in Kopplova vila completes their over a one-year permanent exhibition activity. After extensive thematic exhibitions in the Prague DOX – Centre for Contemporary Art and in the Šamorín At Home Gallery as well as in the Orava Gallery in Dolný Kubín, after twenty years they present their work to the Trnava audience. This time it is a cross-section of works from 1992 - 2015. Monika presents her monumental and chamber lyrical painting; Bohuš presents his smaller spatial objects and a new site-specific project.

PhDr. Eva Ľuptáková wrote at the opening of the Imagine exhibition in Dolný Kubín: „Content themes that permeate their art works affect the current cultural and artistic discourse. In logical context they reflect the key, timeless themes and create an imaginary depositary of memories. The project Imagine aims to work in the archaeological mode, the work that would primarily make full use of the original records and incentives so far unrealized in their work, rediscovered and reinstated for this project. All this in a readable form that consistently fits into current art tendencies.“
Monika and Bohuš Kubinský are characterized by concentrativeness and contemplativeness in their approach to work: precise implementation, multi-layered reading, deliberating the exhibition space, choice of material, appeal to the processuality (impermanence) of forms and durability of contents.

Roman Popelár
Art Historian


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