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Drahomír Prihel Mysterious Gardens

Author, exhibition title: Drahomír Prihel: Tajomné záhrady (Mysterious Gardens)
Venue: Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava, Kopplova vila, Zelený kríček 3, Trnava
Curator: PhDr.Ľudovít Petránsky
Opening: 30.04. 2015 (Thursday), 18:00
Duration: 30.04.2015 (Thursday) – 31.05.2015 (Sunday)


Whenever I look at the glass objects of Drahoš Prihel, I can hear music in my head. It is mostly the wide lyrical area of Waiting for Cousteau by Jean-Michel Jarre at which I always happily immerse in the mysterious gardens of oceans. Just like Cousteau once sailed the oceans on its fabled Calypso and was finding the sounds of the water infinity, in his world I found Drahoš´s Wrecks, Spheroids, Catamarans or Ships. By mouth of his alter ego – Prospero – Shakespeare verbalized his memorable sentence: “We are such stuff as dreams are made on” and with these cut objects it is double true. Their colour threads are literally embedded in their bodies just like dreams in our desires. Drahoš Prihel´s glass objects are painted not only by the artist´s imagination. It is the colour poured into the glass which gives the objects another dimension and tells the story to the viewer. They are the chapters on the artist´s wishes but also the desire to touch eternity. It is the painted poetry of the form that will never slip into a purposeless exhibition. Mastery of craft harmonizes with artistic cultivation of object.

But let the author speak: “In glass art, the cut glass sculpture is the closest to me. It´s an amazing feeling when from a glass mass an art work arises in which the physical laws of refraction start working, caused by optical cutting.” I mentioned the craft. Drahoš always reminds it as one of his fulcrums that never disappoint. Study, working in glass works in Nový Bor and Zlatno, cooperation with the renowned glass master Václav Štepánek – these experiences he imbeds into his small glass universes. Currently, Drahoš Prihel has about 90 cut glass objects and he will present a selection of this extensive portfolio in the Ján Koniarek Gallery, including utility items (glasses, bottles, bowls etc.). Thank to their artistic quality they rank among the best glass works in the contemporary Slovak art scene. Drahoš´s art world is not only in space. His mysterious gardens unfold also on his pastel-drawings and paintings. Masks, carnival, Venice, dance, playing on the chessboard of life, but also dreamy Pierrot and Columbina on the spectacular stage of Commedia Dell´Arte. These are other fragments of the story that has its diversity but also a strong opinion. It is playful, but has its own style. It is impressive and non-violent at the same time. One can hear the spring tones of Vivaldi´s Four Seasons; but it is always an uplifting music that triggers the audience´s imagination. Welcome to Drahoš Prihel´s Mysterious Gardens!

PhDr. Ľudovít Petránsky


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