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Zdenka Höhmová: "New Chemistry"

Author, exhibition title: Zdenka Höhmová: "New Chemistry"
Venue: The Ján Koniarek Gallery /GJK/, Kopplova vila, Zelený kríček 3, Trnava
Curator: Dana Janáčková
Opening: 17.7.2014 (Thursday), 18:00
Duration: 17.7.2014 (Thursday) – 31.8.2014 (Sunday)


Zdena Hőhmová, a charismatic artist and mature personality of contemporary Czech art scene, is dedicated to free painting, drawing, graphics and occasionally book illustration. Her expression is often based on and cyclically closed in a combination of techniques when she supplements painting (oil, tempera or gouache) with frottage and charcoal or pencil drawing record.

After graduating (1981), her works had a status of imaginary feeling paintings – especially landscape and later figurative painting. In the longer period of time, they retained its resemblance of a still transcription. She filled the character transcription of the world with philosophical and metaphorical references; she built its content and meaning messages by means of symbols and characters. Their amplitude shifted from poetry to expression, or from the sensual to the spiritual in a tense social and personal troubles. Undertones of earthy, grey and white colors in the final, mostly monochrome tone, continued to pulse in smooth and even scumble brush tractation.

Significant change occurred in the nineties. Another studio entered the author´s life and work and since then she alternately creates in both (Brno and Prague). From the very beginning the unencumbered environment of the new Prague studio became a more optimistic and colorful half of her creative storytelling. Its genesis gave birth to works enhanced, first, with optical and thereafter also with strong haptic activation. Corundum sand mixed with color creates structural laminated surfaces and in the next decade it became an important medium and pillar of the artist´s character expression. She based her composition on the relationship of two parallel spaces of equal significance where dimensionally unstable structures encountered with components that often originated in geometric accidence. In addition to a grandiose pointed utterance marked by a significant reduction, this period has also a delicate color value: frequent blue colors added to noble earthy and grey monochrome. In late 90s, repeated immersions into the creative core revealed new forms of experience and expression of emotions, composition was dominated by fresh energy with pastel colors. A cycle of works influenced by biomorphic archetypal shapes and natural processes came into existence at the same time. These works already outlined a major breakthrough in the structures. Layering materials, work with a spatula and hands gave way to brush painting combined with frottage and charcoal drawing. Return to smooth painting and combined techniques is represented by the following cycles from years 2004 - 2006: Overlapping of Symbols, Burn out and later the topic On the Ground. 

Dana Janáčková

Zdena Höhmová

Born on 4.10.1955 4. in Brno
1971 – 1975 School of Applied Arts in Brno
1975 – 1981 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, studio of landscape and figurative painting (Prof.František Jiroudek)
1982 – 1987 she taught at the Department of Art Education at the J.E.Purkyně Faculty of Education in Brno and 1987 – 1988 at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague
Member of the Q Brno Association and the Association of Prague Painters . Since 1981, she hosted more than eighty independent exhibitions and participated in about one hundred and sixty joint presentations, art projects, biennials, symposia, trade fairs of contemporary art, art and auction salons in the Czech Republic and abroad. Her works can be found in numerous domestic and foreign collections of institutions as well as private collectors. She lives and works in Brno and Prague.



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