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Viktor Hulík: Ars Geometrica 5

Author, exhibition title: Viktor Hulík: Ars Geometrica 5
Venue: The Ján Koniarek Gallery /GJK/, Kopplova vila, Zelený kríček 3, Trnava
Curator: Xénia Lettrichová
Opening: 29.5. 2014 (Thursday), 18:00
Duration: 29.5.2014 (Thursday) – 6.7.2014 (Sunday)


For more than 20 years academic painter Viktor Hulík (1949) has been dividing his time among creative production, curating and organizing exhibitions. In Bratislava Gallery Z he preferably created a space and facilities for the development of geometrical abstraction in Slovakia and its integration into the international context. This year, he is preparing the 19th annual of a wide-ranging event of international importance entitled Sculpture and Object in Bratislava. The event involves a profile presentation of quality foreign sculptures (Spanish, Hungarian etc.). Year after year, the opportunity to present their works in confrontation with works of renowned foreign sculptors inspires and activates the Slovak art scene across the wide spectrum of opinions and generations.

Viktor Hulík is first of all an artist, co-author of the well known Laser Line and Laser Astronomical Clock in Bratislava´s main street; he is the main figure of Slovak geometric abstraction, a member of the Club of Concretists II., the international group of artists INT-ART and the global geometric movement MADI.

As confirmed by his solo exhibitions presented last year at home and abroad, interest in his work is exceptional. Ars Geometrica was reinstalled from Bratislava in the Topičův salon in Prague, in Vasarely Museum in Budapest and in Oravská Gallery in Dolný Kubín. Moreover, a selection of his graphic works was presented in Novi Sad in summer during the festival of the Danube countries and in November he took part in the prestigious exhibition of concrete art in the Hague, Netherlands. They were not the same presentations. While the Bratislava exhibition retrospectively mapped Viktor Hulík´s work in the profile of all disciplines in two developmental periods and two exhibition premises, every other exhibition was modified by home curator and spatial possibilities.

Ars Geometrica 5 in the Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava focuses on the works of 2004 – 2014. It presents painting, graphics and spatial objects in the three-colored black, white and grey concept; a total of 65 works. Hulík´s perception and interpretation of geometric abstraction are dynamic in all respects. He constantly reveals new spaces and applications of fundamental expressive elements capable of development as he works with synergy of surface and space, statics, change and movement, composition and contrast of primary colors. He works with synergy of invariance and variability, exactness and falsehood, game and seriousness. He further enriches his already pointed gene pool of solutions and diversifies them by crossbreeding, cloning and mutating. Thus he significantly extends the visual register while strengthening the authenticity of his works in the global world of geometry.

Systematic research shapes the work development and its current stages. Through concentration on inspiring harmony of achromatic colors, support of composition and strengthening the effect of variability, bemusement and both real and unreal movement, Viktor Hulík´s latest works clearly accentuate the optical plane of geometric abstraction. By varying he keeps attention, engages the viewer in the game, and he even amuses the viewer in his own way.

Acad. painter Viktor Hulík
Born on 13.08.1949 in Bratislava
In 1968 – 74 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Prof. Ladislav Černický a prof. Peter Matejka.

Xénia Lettrichová


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