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Šymon Kliman: ONI MY / THEY WE

Author, exhibition title: Šymon Kliman: ONI MY / THEY WE
Venue: Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava, Synagogue – Center of Contemporary Art, Halenárska 2, Trnava
Curator: Fedor Blaščák
Opening: Tuesday 1 April 2014, 18:00
Duration: 1.4. (Tue) - 25.4. (Fri) 2014


The Ján Koniarek Gallery, civic association OZ Publikum.sk and civic association SVK prepared a joint project entitled ONI MY / THEY WE: Alfréd Wetzler and partisans where several social and historical topics intersect.
The main axis of the program consists in the exhibition of the photographer Šymon Kliman. The basis of his exhibition large-size photos from the series entitled Partisans, but also includes an exposition on Alfréd Wetzler, fathers of the Slovak state and other materials on totality and fascism. The exhibition opens on Tuesday 1 April at 18:00 and will be open in the Synagogue till 25 April.

„I have been working on the cycle of photos of Partisans for a few years. So far I have mainly presented them as street art and in the Trnava Synagogue I finally got the opportunity to move them also into the gallery space“, says Šymon Kliman.

Fedor Blaščák, curator of the exhibitions, says:
„The cycle of photographic portraits of partisans by Šymon Kliman is generally known for numerous „partisan“ installations in public spaces in Bratislava, Košice and Žilina. Significant aesthetics of black-and-white portraits in combination with large formats and democratic character of the „art of street“ gives a unique energy and certain seriousness to commemoration of heroes of the Slovak National Uprising – many of photographs posted on the walls, in the underpasses or on the bridge pillars remain intact for several years. It is a leap in the dark to bring into the gallery what works well in the street. By the ONI MY exhibition Kliman suggests that the reasons for this leap are not aesthetic, but psychological. What started with partisans, grew with years into his interest in a broader problem of memory, the author gained sensitivity to the past and was exposed to the need to clarify his own moral attitudes.

The ONI MY exhibition is a record of discovering a new sensitivity to the political history of the country through personal stories of heroes, victims and collaborators.“


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