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Karol Ondreička (1944 - 2003) Jubilee

Karol Ondreička 1944 – 2003
Graphic artist, painter, illustrator and teacher 


Author, exhibition title: Karol Ondreička (1944 - 2003) Jubilee
Venue: The Ján Koniarek Gallery /GJK/, Kopplova vila, Zelený kríček 3, Trnava
Curator: PhDr. Dagmar Srnenská, PhD.
Opening: Thursday, 10 April 2014, 18:00
Duration: 10.4.2014 (Thursday) – 18.5.2014 (Sunday)


In the premises of Kopplova vila of the Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava we present a selection of paintings, graphics and illustrations by Karol Ondreička from 1973 to 2003. It is a retrospective and jubilee exhibition. It takes place on the occasion of the late artist´s seventieth birthday and it is available to cultural public from 10 April to 18 May 2014. Karol Ondreička is one of the most prominent representatives of fantasy realism since his unique artistic style is based on a poetic interconnection of fantasy, dream and reality.

He entered the Slovak art scene in the second half of the seventies. He was one of the best students of Prof. Albín Brunovský at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design with whom he studied in 1968 – 1974. Throughout his painting and graphic work he emphasized the imaginative perception of man and the world, which brought him to the harmonious synthesis of human beings and the universe thus suppressing moments of surprise, absurdity and senselessness. He did not interpret mutual relations of man and nature through conflicting clashes, but through peaceful rhythms of emotionality, imagination and fantasy. Karol Ondreička was the kind of artist who combined past stories with future visions. He captured them in a space full of imaginative cues, symbols and signs.

A special place in Karol Ondreička´s work assumed ex-libris. He did not create it as an ex-libris bearing the name of the book owner, but like most Slovak graphic artists he did it for collectors, for their passion. His illustrations reveal poetic dimension of Ondreička´s artistic feeling. He liked to take advantage of a special atmosphere of text, to a great extent independent of visual processing. By using fantasy elements he enhanced the artistic effect of the literary work.
Throughout his rich creation Karol Ondreička was expressing desires, hopes, dreams and failures of man. In his works he symbolically depicted the relationship between man and woman; he captured the natural rhythm of sensory connections in contacts of human beings with each other. Their appearance, especially the woman´s face or her body curves, he liked to associated with nature. Woman became the bearer of all philosophical and semantic levels of the work, social and temporal shifts of many stories, events and plots. These are, however, symbolically passed on to future generations through his students whom he artistically and creatively led as a teacher at several colleges and academies.

PhDr. Dagmar Srnenská, PhD.



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