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Tajti Eszter and Szentiváni János: Time of Life

painting and photography

Authors, exhibition title:
Tajti Eszter and Szentiváni János: Time of Life
Venue: Synagogue – Centre of Contemporary Art, Halenárska 2, Trnava: the Ján
Koniarek Gallery in Trnava
The exhibition opens: Jozef Istenes
Opening: 4. June 2013, 18:00, Synagogue - Centre of Contemporary Art
Duration: 4 June (Tuesday) – 29 June (Saturday) 2013


The Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava presents works of two Hungarian authors – painter Eszter Tajti and photographer János Szentiváni. It is not their first joint exhibition; recently, their work could be seen in January this year at the premises of the Hungarian Institute in Bratislava. The exhibition´s title emanates from the below analysis by the art historian Dr.Balázs Feledy.

Eszter Tajti is a woman of many faces; she is an intellectual with an open mind. She also engages in graphology, personality analysis, sociotherapy and art therapy. All this is important because variety is characteristic for both her soul and her paintings.
The key personalities who influenced her during her art studies were András Berecz and András Topor. Berecz was a crucial pedagogical authority during her college years in Nyíregyház, while András Topor, who unfortunately, is not among us any more, was a distinguished educator at the “free art school”. And it is not a coincidence that for her master Eszter chose Ernő Fischer who is so close to her thanks to poetry contained in his paintings.
Eszter learned a lot, her painter´s handwriting has been changing significantly over the years; she avoids sharp contrasts. Her work oscillates on the boundary between dream and reality and at this point Leonardo da Vinci´s note becomes significant: “Why we see something more clearly in dreams than the imagination awake?” We can observe this phenomenon also in Eszter´s work – through paintings where we can touch (with eyes) the dreaminess. We speak of organic painting that emanates from nature and talks about human, though the author does not give it a concrete form. It is not by chance that we can read Béla Bartók´s thought on her website: “The art is an invisible golden bridge which joins all people of the Earth.” Even Bartók considers nature to be the link between humans; and Eszter Tajti brings them together in the same way. Her works are often golden bridges, but not in the sentimental sense. At this point I would like to highlight the painting Icarus, where, in highly original way, she perpetuates mythological tragedy by means of soft poetics. In her vivid painting Twilight she captures sensuality of nature with opal tenderness; composition of wonderful work Glass Mountain with its blue fading in infinity, or the unique Angelic Dance and Dialogue, which is depleted of corporality, it visualizes the dilemma in the plain “up and down, inside and outside”.
Eszter Tajti is a painter of above-real messages and we can also call her a lyrical impressionist.



photographer, cameraman and author of several books … He is interested in nature, music (his concert recordings are excellent), objects. He prepares reports, but of course, the final say has architecture. His photos aptly capture interiors of buildings; when taking pictures outside – light and views change. He is an absolute and always ready professional who is playing with light and shadow in a very creative way (!). His pictures are material in nature - their structures are metal, the wooden ones "smell" with wood and there is glass above all this.
His works are all the more architectural photographs where there are no people in them. Human beings are absent – only hand prints of a 21st century human are present. High-tech! Sterile art that, with a seemingly cold precision yet nobly perpetuates new buildings designed by our leading contemporary architects.
His viewing angle, the section of the picture is original; everything in the photos is accurate, precise.
He captures the beauty of buildings, thereby promoting them at the same time. He makes us feel like seeing them live.

Dr.Balázs Feledy – art historian and publicist


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