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My Native Region

The topic of this exhibition is landscape – the landscape of the Trnava Self-governing Region.

Exhibition title:
My Native Region
Venue: The Ján Koniarek Gallery /GJK/ in Trnava, Kopplova vila, Zelený kríček 3
Curator: PhDr. Ľubomír Novotný, PhD.
Opening: 11 April 2013 /Thursday/, 17:00
Duration: 11 April 2013 – 5 May 2013


The topic of this exhibition is landscape – the landscape of the Trnava Self-governing Region. It is a territorial unit reaching from the border with South Moravia up to the original riverbed of the Danube, from Senica to Dunajská Streda, or rather from Skalica up to Vojka nad Dunajom. Though this territory is not exceptional for unique natural attractions or extraordinary landscape phenomena, yet it is the native land for many. For some, it is a memory of several poplars behind the barn, it may be old houses in Kopánka for others or the view of the pond´s still water or an old church in the home village under the mountains.
“My Native Region” is the title of this exhibition - three simple words that tell almost everything. Personal faith, positive patriotism, but also responsibility for the homeland. All this is contained in the exhibition. It is not a superficial nostalgia as it might seem, but a systemic overview of landscape artistic work between the 30s of the last century and today. The exhibition includes 100 works by more than 60 authors; the exhibits are arranged chronologically from oldest to youngest. The common denominator, however, is a depiction of the landscape or inspiration by the landscape of the territory - the territorial unit of the Trnava Self-governing Region.
Landscape painting survives in the course of history, as a marginal genre, going through periods of highs and lows, usually when the artist does not want to or cannot paint differently. The masterpieces of landscape can be seen in the 17th century Netherlands, the landscape strongly influenced romantic Enlightenment in the 19th century and the Impressionists in the early 20th century. Landscape, unless the author wants, is not subject to political influence, it is neutral, with the exception of socialist realism when the society replaced the concept of landscape
with the smoke billowing from factory chimneys. In spite of that, this genre is alive and slowly seeps into abstract, symbolic, decorative or other contemporary art form which is apparent from the youngest exhibits of this exhibition.
The exhibition consists of the art objects from the Ján Mudroch Gallery /Záhorská galéria Jána Mudrocha/ in Senica, collections of Moravany symposia of the Balneological Museum in Piešťany, art objects from the archive of the Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava. It is complemented by art works from private collections of 15 contemporary authors acting in this region. This exhibition has no ambition to become a breakthrough, or an opinion-maker or a timeless show. This exhibition is meant to be a leisure, or even relaxation event. Older visitors will find here views of towns and long forgotten natural sceneries that do not exist anymore. The younger ones may realize the continuity of the region´s visual art heritage with the contemporary art. In nature as well as in the arts, there are certain rules – the rules of time and space, so even in the arts there is no future without a past.
Last but not least, this exhibition pays tribute to those artists who, through their craftsmanship, elevated the landscape to the work of art and in this way captured the essence of era. The exhibition presents watercolors, pastels, tempera and oil, both large and small sizes. All these art works, however, give evidence of their time, they are our heritage and it is our responsibility to take care of these exhibits and to present them to public in this way from time to time.

acad. arch. Róbert Němeček
Director of the Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava


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