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Miloš Balgavý: Paths of Colors

Authors, exhibition title: Miloš Balgavý: Paths of Colors
Venue: The Ján Koniarek Gallery /GJK/ in Trnava, Kopplova vila, Zelený kríček 3, Trnava
Curator: Beáta Balgavá
Opening: Thursday, 12 December 2013, 18:00
Duration: 12.12. 2013 – 26.1.2014


In its December program the Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava presents the exhibition of academic sculptor Miloš Balgavý titled Paths of Colors.
Miloš Balgavý was born on 15 January 1955 in Bratislava. In 1970 – 1974 he studied at the Secondary School of Applied Arts, Department of Ceramics in Bratislava and in 1978 – 1984 at the Academy of fine Arts and Design, Department of Glass Art in Bratislava.

Glass is a solid liquid; it is not a solid state substance. It becomes solid at a temperature at which it receives fragility. Poetically – glass is a petrified movement. Miloš Balgavý, an artist creating exclusively in the mass of glass says: “The essence of creation with glass is to understand this material, its disenchantment, opening, commitment and then coming to terms with abandonment. Everything starts with light – grasping it so that another, new color image comes into existence. Irritant is the power of resistance of glass, tension and the struggle. I am fascinated with the constant battle with its toughness and fragility. I love the color, but it is the material that dictates to me, not vice versa. It is a trial by glass. I like moving on the edge of the possible, offering light and fragility because the more fragile things and phenomena are the more demanding they are. And I am still influenced by options – availability or unavailability of processing, whether I did or did not successes to overcome them.“

Miloš Balgavý´s exhibition in the Ján Koniarek Gallery is a demonstration of his latest work and also his first exhibition in a gallery of the city where he lives and from which got the Prize of the City of Trnava in March 2013. He presented his work in the Ján Koniarek Gallery just once – in 1987, at his solo exhibition at the premises of the Nuclear Power Plant in Jaslovské Bohunice. In 2013 at the premises of Kopplova vila, this mature artist presents his works which began to emerge during preparation for the International Glass Symposium in Nový Bor in 2012 after three years of prudent “silence in glass”. It was due to completion of the monograph Miloš Balgavý Ceramics. Free creation and design by authors Beáta Balgavá, Dana Janáčková, Dagmar Poláčková, photographer Jana Hojstričová and graphic designer Pavel Choma working with the art legacy of his father.
Glass objects created at the Nový Bor Symposium – From Where To Where and Tribute to Mrs.Seijs – are at the beginning of the reflections dealing with connections and relationships of large groups standing too often against dreams of individuals. Balgavý´s inclined planes (From Where To Where) softly indicate thousands of life´s platforms. Just like the artist´s creating, with its purity and harmony relates with Doesburg´s De Stijl, this phase of it corresponds with his elementarism and refers to the energies of life, though the Dutchman Theo Van Doesburg was directed more to architecture and design. The key idea of elementarism is the idea that life and art are not two separate worlds.

Novelty in the way of artist´s work presentation consists in photos of “glass sketches” preceding the final shape and form of Balgavý´s latest glass objects. Their author is a glass artist Danica Balgavá (1986). Her genes, knowledge of glass, relation to the light, photographic talents and intrusion options bring new optics into seeing the glass objects by mature artist – for the first time they reveal the process in the author´s work, capture the semi-finished detail of glass and they not only become an image but also a confirmation of the artist´s lifelong fascination by glass.
Miloš Balgavý´s exhibition also includes photographic pictures of his works. Impressive color “portraits” of Balgavý´s glass by the photographer Jana Hojstričová arose from the process of a long-term mutual cooperation between the two artists, just like the architecture of the exhibition, the author of which is Zuzana Nádaská.

Beáta Balgavá


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