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Exhibition » Exhibition of the Glass Design Studio

Exhibition title: Exhibition » Exhibition of the Glass Design Studio
Venue: The Ján Koniarek Gallery /GJK/ in Trnava, Synagogue – Centre of
Contemporary Art, Halenárska 2, Trnava
Curator: Michaela Spružinová
Opening: 19 September 2013 /Thursday/, 18:00
Duration: 19.9.2013 - 30.10.2013
Organizers: Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava
Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Faculty of Multimedia Communications


The exhibition » Exhibition of the Glass Design Studio is a project mapping the development of fine arts in the Glass Design Studio since its inception. The project aims at reflection of the studio´s base activities which is the glass art and contemporary visual art. Our aim is to show to general public the profile of a studio that is young and completely different from other local glass studios. They have a long history in the Czech Republic and are already established in the field of contemporary studio glass art. The purpose of the exhibition is to show the public a different way of grasping the glass material than as we are used to from our history and the present.

The exhibited artifacts also include site – specific projects created in response to the synagogue´s status quo space. Students also draw on the genius loci of Trnava. From 1941 to 1942 liquidation and Aryanization of Jewish property took place in Trnava. From March 1942 most of the Jewish population in Trnava was affected by the wave of anti-Semitic policies, culminating in deportations to concentration camps. Individual differences in perceiving these issues can be traced in the topic, media selection, style and emphasis on specific features.
Many works shift their attention to the designs that have multimedia character. The exhibition offers several insights into the specifics of Trnava and the synagogue´s status quo. Through their work students try to challenge the deep-rooted stereotypes in the perception of the glass studio, which, on the contrary, functions on a multidisciplinary level.

Exhibiting artists:
Anna Minxová, Tereza Anderlová, David Valner, Miroslava Kupčíková, Michaela Spružinová, Jakub Čech, Tereza Kurčíková, Eliška Frydrychová, Veronika Reková, Helena Ťapajnová, Ivana Zuskinová, Adéla Lakomá, Gabriela Lhotáková, Dominika Malovecká, Adam Turzo, Leva Ekmane

Michaela Spružinová, Curator


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