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Patrik Ševčík ...Silence is Golden

Author, exhibition title: Patrik Ševčík ...Silence is Golden
Place: clUb 3, Koppel vila GJK, Zelený kríček 3, Trnava
Curator: Zuzana Ševčíková
Opening: 10 February (Thursday) at 6 pm., Koppel villa GJK
Duration: 10 February 2011 – 6 March 2011


Patrik Ševčík uses preferably texts in his works. In the area of textual installations the author applies neo-conceptual principles of artistic creation, however, sometimes a final material form of the work is missing. The textual planar installations are in most cases accompanied with quotations and artistic interpretations of the texts being found. He is mainly interested in social, cultural and political topics, such as influence of media on our everyday life.
The exhibition”…Silence is Golden” represents a set of minimalist neo-conceptual textual drawings on a piece of paper. Ševčík (similarly to his previous works) repeatedly explores artistic opportunities of work with language and its natural properties. In his new cycle he points out at the power of a word phenomenon. 
The drawings contain words intentionally erased and blurred so that it was not easy to read them. The author has chosen the words to denote intangible values or human qualities. Our daily reality is created and conditioned by powerful contents of the words. Meaningful words used by the author are currently perceived as ambivalent. They are used in trivial situations and very often in vain. Not to mention media texts focused rather on fulfillment of the contents than on the information itself. Artistic form of works is a negation of what is written or said…with the focusing on its deeper meaning in a sense that these words are more necessary to be lived out than to be talked about. A new cycle of works has a meditative and a self-reflexive character without author’s intention to moralize.

The artist Patrik Ševčík (1974) works in the field of textual art and its graphical overlapping. In 2009 he finished doctoral studies with success at the Department of Graphics (Doc. I. Benc Atelier) at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica as one of the firsts graduates of this type of study at the AA. He has had some individual exhibitions in Slovakia and also in Maribor in Slovenia and he has also been participating in collective exhibitions at home and abroad. In 2006 he was awarded for his diploma thesis „Ergo sum“ by the AA Chancellor’s Prize. At the moment he is working as a lecturer at the Atelier of free creation (by Doc. I. Benc) at the Faculty of Fine Arts AA. He lives and works in Banská Bystrica.


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