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Miro Trubač: Bipolar Correlation

Author, exhibition title: Miro Trubač: Bipolar Correlation 
Place: klUb 3, Koppel villa JKG, Zelený kríček 3, Trnava
Curator: Michal Štofa
Opening: 10 March (Thursday) at 6 p.m., Koppel villa
Duration: 10 March 2011 – 01 April 2011


Miro Trubač, Cradle, 2010

The exhibition project “Bipolar Correlation” by Miroslav Trubač is focused on coexistence of a man and a woman in one space of a common household, monitoring dogmas and paradoxes in the background of human relationships development. Unchangeable rules of genres in the process of natural regularities fulfillment are put against trends or modern habits. The installation made of five objects is a kind of theatrical freezing of the plot scene, of the story, and of the segment of couples’ life.
The players are substituted by the objects of a “Cradle” and a “Large Sofa” situated in separate rooms representing them during specific but typical activities while interfering deep-rooted ideals on genre roles. So they depict a current situation in an opposite order where a previously active man grew into the sofa while sleeping after watching TV nonstop and thus becoming a parody to the role of a procreator, the head of the family and a gravestone or a catafalque of present society. A woman previously bearing the burden of childbirth here is practicing yoga tirelessly, “dressed-up” into a blue sports suit. Thus, through the colour symbolically pertaining to the opposite genre she borrows the role of a man. At the same time the presentation is divided and connected into both separate and common parts by a triplet of statues- the ”Father”, the “Mother” and the “Compromise” with signs describing genre variability.
The project is the first individual exhibition by Trubač and represents a selection of his sculpture creation presenting him as a universal author using several space media. Graduate construction of a model, a frame and by putting coating material are classical sculpture principles used by him dexterously for the objects of a “Large Sofa” and a “Cradle”. The objects of the ”Father”, the “Mother” are a fine designer models performed in pure forms of MDF boards and acrylic paint varnished to reach high gloss. The object the “Compromise” is actually a room detail built of bricks balancing on the edge of a mise-en-scene and a found fragment.

Miroslav Trubač, born in 1986 v Trnava, is a diplomate of the Patrik Kovačovsky atelier The Statue in Architecture and in a Public Space of at the Academy of Fine Arts and design in Bratislava. In 2007 he was in a termly scholarship in Prof. Berdyszak, Petruk and Drazkiewicz atelier in Poznan, Poland. He participated in several exhibitions and symposiums; 2009 „Time“, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague, CZ; Laskonka GJK Trnava, within the festival By Hands and by Heart, Voderady, SR; IV. International Student Sculpture Symposium, Oroňsko, PL. He lives and works in Trnava.


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