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Voyage of Lines

Exhibition title: Voyage of Lines (selection of drawings and graphics
from the Ján Koniarek Gallery /GJK/ collection in Trnava)

Venue: Kopplova vila GJK, Zelený kríček 3, Trnava

List of authors:

Alexy Janko, Ambrušová Edita, Angyal Gejza, Baláž Jozef, Bauch Jan, Bazovský Miloš Alexander, Belohradský Štefan, Brunovský Albín, Cpin Štefan, Čemický Ladislav, Čepan Oskár, Dubay Orest, Dusík Stano, Dusík Jozef, Filo Julián, Fulla Ľudovít, Galanda Mikuláš, Gažovič Vladimír, Gross František, Gwerk Edmund, Hučko Karol, Imrich Jozef, Klimo Alojz, Koniarek Ján, Lhoták Kamil, Matejka Peter, Machala Jozef, Ondriska Ján, Oravský Július, Petrašovič František, Prudilová Dohnányová Ľubica, Sedlák Emil, Sersen Leopold, Schurmann Ivan, Sivko Václav, Sklenář Zdenek, Studený František, Suchánek Vladimír, Špitz Ernest, Štefunko Fraňo, Šturdík Jozef, Tekel Teodor, Varga Ľudovít, Vodrážka Jaroslav, Votlučka Karel, Votruba Jaroslav, Vysušil Karel, Zrzavý Ján

Curator: Miroslav Zajac
Opening: 14 January 2010 , 18:00
Duration: 14 January – 14 February 2010 




Edmund Gwerk, Krajina, 1941, suchý pastel, akvarel, ceruza, G – 796



Next to viewing the contemporary art tendencies, the GJK exhibition program aims to present its collection-focused activities.
With the current exhibition entitled Voyage of Lines we chose to specialize in drawing and graphic collections that are dominating the collection fund comprising 3493 works of art. When choosing the pieces we aimed at work of the 20th century Slovak artists, roughly up to the end of the ´70s. This frame enables a direct contact with a variety of traditional drawing techniques and materials (charcoal, graphite, dry pastel, India ink, red chalk and watercolor) as well as a large scale of graphic techniques (wood engraving, wood-carving, dry-point, etching, lithography, linocut, mo-notyping, combined techniques), many of which are considered the classical or „old“ ones regard-ing the current advancement of computer graphics and a wide choice of print processing.
Voyage of Lines presents the work of authors utilizing a variety of approaches and this medium serves as an aid for creation from comprehensive studies up to structured ones, sketch drawing, e.g. for sculptors´ works (Ján Koniarek, Fraňo Štefunko, Jozef Machala, Ľudovít Varga).
The foundation generation of interwar creation is represented by the group of artists Janko Alexy, Mikuláš Galanda, Ľudovít Fulla, Mikuláš Alexander Bazovský, Ernest Špitz, Eugen Nevan.
Another group is formed by post-war generation authors carrying on the legacy in their creation. Jozef Baláž transmits the war violence also in graphic illustration, e.g. Krvavé sonety /Blood Sonnets/ I. Of no less interest at this period of time is also an early graphic of Alojz Klimo who responds by in-terpreting a family and work at the dawn of a socialist era. He does not avoid the topic of illustra-tion. Later on he comes to a pure geometric abstraction. Creation of Július Oravský can be charac-terized similarly. It has a spirit of rudimentarism and a strong surface stylization.
A significant part is a set of several graphic works by eminent Czech authors and it is these works that underline the lyric position and surrealistic fantasy. (Jan Zrzavý, Vladimír Suchánek, Jan Bauch, Zdeněk Sklenář ). From among Slovak authors Albín Brunovský, Edita Ambrušová and Emil Sedlák can be assigned to this group.
A large collection of Teodor Tekel´s works represents the Trnava authors dedicated to the free drawing and abstraction bringing mainly a picture of Bible topics. A collection of works by Oskár Čepan ranges among geometric abstraction authors. Names of sculptors and draftsmen like Štefan Belohradský need to be mentioned, and, last but not least an inspiring, illustration graphics by Stano and Jozef Dusík.
This sectional exhibition is a first complex exhibition aimed at drawing and graphics from the GJK collections and should also show directions at complementing and shaping the Gallery´s collection fund.



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