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Vlasta Žáková END OF PARTY

Author, exhibition title: Vlasta Žáková KONIEC PARTY /END OF PARTY
Venue: klUb 3, Kopplova vila GJK, Zelený kríček 3, Trnava
Curator: Vladimír Beskid
Opening: 24 February 2010, 18:00 , Kopplova vila GJK
Duration: 24 February – 11 April 2010

Project entitled the End of Party presents the latest work of a young Košice creative artist, Vlasta Žák-ová (1981), who unfolds the current creative language in a specific aspect of textile pictures and statues.
This special painting via sewing and its thread-drawing indicate significant maturity of the author´s program, her commitment and a perfect command of sewing techniques (here she utilizes her previous secondary education as well as her personal orientation). That gives her freedom of movement in the field of textile pictures. Her work brings a strictly personally experienced and „sewn-in“ emotionality. The work technique, based in an automated mastership of the Singer sewing machine, presents different layers put one onto another – layering of thin structures by „implanting“ thread, cotton, ribbons, spangles and uncut lines. This is accompanied by alteration of fabrics and tulle netting, alteration of machine and hand sewing, different types of seams, once as boundary-lines that collide with one another, brake and do not continue, another time as symphony and multiplication of connections and opening new stories.

Crying girl, 2010

In a short time Žáková accomplished a significant journey from sizeable imaginary landscapes 
(Landscapes of Mind I-III, 2005; Spawn, 2006) and abstract „disturbance“ compositions (On the Border-line, 2008, After Destruction 3, 2008) up to adding figures and body fragments (Restless; Grey Kiss, 2006) to multifigural narration and scenes. She pays special attention to the world of youth´s entertainment – to endless weekend parties. Using amateur pictures and internet networks, Žáková assembles a mosaic of dancing parties, hilarious festivities and exuberant erotic (Stopless Girls, Kiss, 2006). This false world of smiles, innocence and excitement, loss of constraint and limits, interprets the author convincingly and critically (We Loved One Another, 2007; With No Limits, II, 2008). She got a certificate of merit for her set of little eleven scenes from a wanton party called Birthday Party (2008) at the Czech – Slovak biennial of young art, Scooter II, in Trnava (2009).
Current Trnava exhibition contains works from this set, as well as the new cycle of textile real size sculptures and situations as if „at the end of party“ where she captures moments after the rag (Lilith in Action, 2009). It is a new and beneficial step into the 3D – both from the point of view of finding new technical approaches and a different view of the life´s „after“ situations and the way to read them.
In conclusion, the GJK Gallery in Trnava participated also in publication of Vlasta Žáková´s first individualcatalogue entitled: Suture, Košice, 2009.

The exhibition is open till 11 April 2010.

Vlasta Žáková, born in 1981 in Rožňava, lives and creates in Košice.
She is a graduate from the Faculty of Arts, Technical University of Košice (2000-2006), took residency at the Faculty of Arts of the Brno University of Technology (2003). She had independent exhibitions in Košice (2006, 2009), Bratislava (2008) and Trnava (2010). Awards: Award 333 finalist, Prague National Gallery 2008; Certifi-cate of Merit, Young Art Biennial Scooter II, GJK Trnava 2009.

For more information visit www.vlastazakova.com


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