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retrospective exhibition of Miro Švolík  

Author, exhibition title:
MIRO ŠVOLÍK, VEĽKÁ ŽENA malý muž / BIG WOMAN little man
Venue: Koppel villa, Zelený kríček 3, Trnava
Curator: Vladimír Beskid
Opening: 14 September 2010, 18:00, Koppel villa GJK
Duration: 14. 9. 2010 – 17. 10. 2010


The Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava presents a retrospective exhibition of Miro Švolík (1960), a top photographer, a representative of a strong generation of staged photography that arrived on the then Czechoslovak art scene.
With his technical apparatus Švolík creates a special staging and seeing of the world. He brings a poetic and playful world of „light-pictures“ that do not lack esprit, humor, exaggeration, both innocence of view and smartness of combination. Švolík is specific for his working in cycles - assigning images, developing the idea and the story in particular sequences. The exhibition surveys the main series of his work throughout three decades – from his studies at the Prague FAMU (Academy of Performing Arts) up to his latest three cycles that are presented in Slovakia for the first time. Three current series (From Birth to Death, 2009; Milky Way, 2009; Big Woman Little Man, 2010) form a time-flow metaphor, touching woman´s body in the intimacy of a studio universe, as well as a lost men´s desire to record the world of women. 
A catalogue was published for this exhibition: Big woman, little man. Publisher: Galerie Měsíc ve dne Č. Budějovice and GJK Trnava 2010, text: V. Beskid, 24 pages, 18 reproductions, ISBN: 978-80-87448-007.

Miro Švolík (born in 1960 in Zlaté Moravce), graduated from FAMU (Academy of Performing Arts), Prague (1981-87), he lives and creates in Prague and Kostelec nad Labem. Since 2009 he is a curator of gallery in Solnice, České Budějovice and a head of Creative Photography Studio of VŠVU (Academy of Fine Arts and Design) in Bratislava. 
Prizes: 1989 - Kodak Preis, Photo triennial Esslingen; 1990 – Young Photographer, International Center of Photography New York. Monography: Miro Švolík: The Way to the Centre, Argo Praha 2005. 
For more information visit: www.mirosvolik.cz.


Magnetky a kartičky
2007 03
Fotografie, magnety, asambláž


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