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Mira Gáberová Sisyphus´s Love

Author, exhibition title: Mira Gáberová, Sisyphus´s Love
Venue: Synagogue - Center of Contemporary Art
Curator: Vladimír Beskid
Opening: 21 April 2010, 17:00 , Synagogue - Center of Contemporary Art
Duration: 21 April 2010 – 23 May 2010


Mira Gáberová, representing the young generation of the Slovak artists, who got onto the creative stage after 2000, freely chooses media necessary for her expression. She paralelly engages in drawing, painting, object, graffiti installation. Yet one of her strongest means of expression is the video and digital Technologies media.
As early as during her studies she made a series of videos defining her special view of world: she creates poetic or new images full of emotional strain, beauty and even baroque pathos (Drama Forever, Pathos, 2006; 8, 2007; Une petit romance, 2008). Her base motives are body and world of woman, full of exaggeration, symbols and conventional cliché (hair combing, closed eyes, white gloves, even veils, stockings and flowers). The interest in tender talking gradually replaces the interest in analyses of the medium itself, in disturbing its logic, capabilities of video language at  „filtering“ the current world. Pieces bringing an abstract structure by utilizing editing software (Neo-geo-video, 2008), or cutting the image according to preselected template taken from another own video (Replant, 2008) come to existence.
Mira Gáberová presents two projects at the current independent exhibition. The first one creates a space between real and virtual world. It is a video-painting performance where the author – a bride in her wedding dress, accompanied by opera aria paints out the canvas and turns it into a projection screen. Though combating the painting, the picture remains and is projected onto the same canvas. Another project deals with „rewriting“ Gáberová´s older videos by other artists; this is an individual approach of seeing ones own work by other artists´ eyes. It brings along a de-construction or a re-interpreting of the author´s work and the spectator can view both the original video and its „new reading“ at the same time. Metaphorically, this brings the author´s
continued Sisyphean task – a rock-sure and loving, yet futile searching for a true video-picture of the presence.

Mira Gáberová born in 1979 in Lučenec, education: 2000 – 2006 Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava; 2002 University of Newcastle; AFA Budapest; currently attending doctoral studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. She is a distinct representative of the Slovak art young generation after 2000. 
Awards: 2005 – third at the AZYL Festival; 2007 – Essl Award – special award; Residential stays: 2005 – MQ Vienna, 2009 – Regensburg, Schwandorf.
Exhibitions: 2007 – Essl Award, EM Klosterneuburg; Prague Biennale 3, Prague; Portes d Europe, MAD St. Etienne; 2008 – Video Exchange, Gallery V. Moncada, Roma; Private Light, Open Gallery, Bratislava; 2009 – Scooter 2, GJK Trnava; The Zlín Sallon of the Young, Zlín. For more information visit www.miragaberova.com.


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