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Matúš Lányi Katedrála / Cathedral

Author, exhibition title: Matúš Lányi, Katedrála / Cathedral
Venue: premises of Kopplova vila GJK, Zelený kríček 3, Trnava
Curator: Vladimír Beskid
Opening: 14 September 2010, 18:00, Kopplova vila GJK
Duration: 14. 9. 2010 – 17. 10. 2010


Cathedral is a work of art by Matúš Lányi (1981), a Slovak young generation reprehensive coming from the accentuated East Slovakian stage (a graduate from the Technical University of Košice). Cathedral is a monumental sculptor´s work (height 12m, length 14 m, width 6 m) situated in the garden of Kopplova vila GJK in Trnava. Its model shape of a Christian church made of tubular scaffolding. For a long time Matúš Lányi has been reflecting Christian topics and culture, from his early expressive series of paintings up to the art works performed in space. 
Cathedral is a continuation of this series in 3D and it represents a metaphoric „reconstruction“ of Christian theme and tradition, slightly marginalized in the contemporary visual culture. Cathedral (Skeleton) features also a symbolic temple, where, according to the author, „transparency of his skeleton suggests a penetration of secular tendencies into sacral space. Spiritual nature of the interior is exposed to the influence of external intervention in consequence of which it comes to a kind of emptying of the space, thus deprivation of its entity. The art work is a reflection of suspected tendencies of spiritual devaluation.

Matúš Lányi´s Cathedral (Skeleton) takes place within the project EXIN (exterior - interior) preferring intervention of contemporary art into the gallery space. At the same time it contributes to the Year of Christian Culture 2010. 

Matúš Lányi (born in 1981 v Spišské Podhradie) graduated from the Fine Art and Intermedia Department, Faculty of Arts, Technical University of Košice (2000-2007). He lives and creates in Spišské Podhradie and Levoča. 
For more information visit: www. lanyi.euweb.cz



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