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Jiří David Common Retrospective

Author, exhibition title : Jiří David, Common Retrospective
Koppel villa GJK, Zelený kríček 3, Trnava
Vladimír Beskid
Opening: 24 February 2010, 18:00, Kopplova vila GJK
Duration: 24 February – 11 April 2010

Both exhibition premises of the Ján Koniarek Gallery are very rarely devoted to one author. By doing so, the main organizers accentuate the importance of this event, an aim of which being to present the Slovak public with one of the key figures of the Czech (and Slovak) middle generation scene – Jiří David. It is an extraordinarily large and comprehensive artwork presented in a backward view (Kopplova vila) and in one contemporary project (Synagóga). 



Jiří David, Tanec - otacejici se brambora, hadry, 1992


As the title itself, Common Retrospective, suggests, in Kopplova vila it is mainly about historical section into more than thirty years´ work of David since the late 80s (since graduating from the Prague Academy). You would find no chronology in this exhibition; it is more of a compressed version of branched topics and carrier signs, author´s ever fragmentary and torso-like journey through time. For its viewer the exhibition is more of a visual „educational“ path through the country of David´s thinking along the individual periods, brings more of the visual aspect of doubt and uncertainty than a glorious pilgrimage for the „great“ art.
The exhibition presents Jiří David as a multimedia artist, who chooses and mixes the media the way he needs for his utterance. That is why the exhibition brings different versions of painting – from sizeable canvas of postmodern lessons, through conceptual aspect to expressive presentment, followed by drawings, stories of objects and installations, photography series and a selection of DVD videos. Variety of unconventional
materials and techniques can be found here (poppy head, mounting foam, cotton, potatoes, carnivorous plant, oil felt pen applied on polythene, drawing on a bread and butter, drawing on fruit and vegetables, etc.)
The author presents his visual vocabulary of topics reflecting national issues, religious symbols, intimate and erotic situations. He brings social-political topics: you enter the exhibition by passing under a
black-and-white flag of former Czechoslovakia, then you are watched by evil-eyed sight of Hitler, then pass by an audio installation with Marylin Monroe´s corpse, etc. On the other hand, the author also presents more subtle utterance and personal signs: initial drawings, faintly lit crib in a plexi box, a picture with writing Mama and scratches on the wall; fragments of previous installations (Olomouc, MXM Prague), a large 5 meter long walking stick for blind...

The exhibition can be perceived as a preliminary recapitulation and the author´s own self-reflection after he turned fifty (the exhibition is peculiarly ushered by a bilboart with a naked figure of a man shooting himself with his own hand behind barbed wire and the title below him reading: My Generation). In case of Jiří David it is about intellectual distance of these days when a „social discolorment“ is enduring (J.D´s concept).
In two last years this his third retrospective exhibition – after GHMP in Prague and Moravian Gallery in Brno (Preliminary Retrospective, both 2009, curator: Marek Pokorný) and at the same time it is the largest presentation of Jiří David in Slovakia.

Partners for these exhibitions are: Moravian Gallery in Brno, Czech Center in Bratislava.
Both exhibitions are open till 11 April 2010.


Doc. Jiří David, born in 1956 in Rumburk, lives and creates in Prague.
He is a graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (1982-87), in 1987 - 1991 a member of artistic group called Tvrdohlaví /Stubborn/.
Since 2004 he has been a head of intermedial and conceptual studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.
His artworks can be found in national and public collections: NG Prague, MG Brno, GBR Louny, Museum of Art in Olomouc, The Art Institute of Chicago, Ludwig Museum Budapest, Jack Tilton gallery New York, Palais Lichtenstein Vienna etc.

For more information visit www.jiri-david.cz

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