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Ján Koniarek - Pro Patria

Exhibition title: JÁN KONIAREK Pro Patria
Venue: The Gallery of Miloš Alexander Bazovský in Trenčín
Curator: Mgr. Miroslav Zajac
Opening: 25. jún 2010 o 17:00 hod., GMAB, Palackého 27, Trenčín
Duration: 25 June 2010 – 5 September 2010


Meaning action of cooperation of Jan Koniarek Gallery in Trnava and Gallery of M. A. Bazovský in Trenčín is temporal exchange of their permanent exhibitions, that brings the possibility of presentation of well knit collections of two famous slovak artists Ján Koniarek in Trenčín and Miloš Alexander Bazovský in Trnava. The art bequest of Ján Koniarek (1878 Voderady – 1952 Trnava) became the basis of slovac modern sculpture and its message comes to us, creating the important part of our art culture. The centre of permanent exhibition consists of works that belong to Ján Koniarek Gallery. In permanent exhibition you can find the oldest dated bust – Portrait of artist father (1905) followed with The head of John the Baptist (1906-1912) where we can find notable influence of his professors and bequest of post-Rodin modelation (Avalanche, 1930, Drinking man, 1925-30, Goat-foot, 1925-30). Memorials of different themes represent considerable part of Koniarek work. Also competitive designs of representative buildings and allegory themes, together with Koniarek´s studio works. 


His expansive work before overturn was demaged or lost in foreign countries. Koniarek who was extremely disposed for the field of monumental sculpture was conscious of coherence of creating monuments and its ideologic influence. As he was temperamental monumentalist he found natural to concentrate on creating of important historical-national themes. In the scuplturer´s inheritance almost ten unrealized memorial projects in different stages of processing and documentation. Thematicly these works create two parts : memorials of national revivalists (including visual solution of munificent gravestones) and memorials for men killed in World War the First. Art top of memorials with war themes represents Memorial of killed for Trnava, unveiled in 1929.


It is interesting that the ageing artist who escaped from the outside world into his privacy created right before 1945 two works that urgently and with concentrated expressive power described the drama of the times (relief Voice of the war and sculpture Voice of the Uprising). They finished quasi symbolical the curve of his creation in time period of both World Wars, limited the first half of the 20th century. Ján Koniarek lived in Trnava more and more reclusing and because of inpoisenment he exhibited his works very sporadic. The message of his studio work is showed in in small sculptures made from dried model clay. After Koniarek ´s death the crucial impulse to rescue them arised from the initiative of his countryman and his first monographist, art historic Karol Vaculík who organised their piecemeal casting to bronze. Koniarek died in May 4., 1952 in Trnava. In 1953 the first retrospective exhibition of Ján Koniarek in Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava was held. 


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