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The Galéria Jána Koniarka, Zelený kríček 3, Trnava will open on February 1st 2006 at 6.00 p.m. two exhibition projects: foto-project by Viktor Frešo: WHO IS THE KING? And an exhibition of five Slovak painters entitled MLADÁ MAĽBA / YOUTH PAINTING.

Author, exhibition title: VIKTOR FREŠO: WHO IS THE KING?
Place: Koppel villa, Zelený kríček 3, Trnava
Curator: Vladimír Beskid
Duration: 1.2.-12.2.2006


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The crucial idea of the project by young Slovak visual artist, Viktor Frešo (born 1974, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague in 2005), is to let himself be photographed by famous Czech and Slovak celebrities. The photographs show young, smiling and “smartly dressed” man, and present the artist in a typical uniform of successful people. In his collection of photographers we can find famous people, such like Karel Gott, Lucie Bílá, Jožo Ráž, Dagmar Havlová, Milan Kňažko, Polek Polívka, Milan Knížák, etc. This simple game on media-hero shows somehow inverted world of TV advertising, business and media celebrities (as the artist does not want to have picture with a celebrity, bur instead, he “lets” them take a picture of him). In addition to this, it shows a parasitism on the popularity of famous people, as well as it shows the manipulative power of the media world and the necessity of developing “your own” image – an illusory image of someone coming from the great world, the “hall of fame”, etc. Another level of the exhibition is the very intense need to be self-portrayed, self-popular, and the desire for self-presentation. The egocentric nature of artists is presented in its extreme form: the artist thus becomes the product of his own art –a unique “piece of ego-art” – and, at the same time, he becomes a curator, a director of photography, a manager or a producer, etc.
The question is: at the end, who is the winner of the situation, who is the king, the boss, the heavy swell, the star, the hotshot...? And who is the figure and who the chess-man on the media chess-board of today? The exhibition in Trnava is a first show of this touring project (later presented at various places of the Czech and the Slovak Republic). 
For detailed information on the project and work of Viktor Frešo visit www.viktorfreso.com


Authors: Andrea Bartošová, Michal Czinege, Michal Černušák, Mira Gáberová, Juliana Mrvová
Place: Koppel villa, Zelený kríček 3, Trnava
Opening speech: Vladimír Beskid
Duration: 1.2.-12.2.2006

Simultaneous exhibition at the Galéria Jána Koniarka presents five painters, who represent the rising generation of the contemporary Slovak painters. It is actually a group of young artists, who recently graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava – especially from the ateliers of Prof. Ivan Csudai and of Prof. Daniel Fischer. The exhibition presents works by Andrea Bartošová (born 1971), Michal Černušák (1982), Michal Czinege (1980), Mira Gáberová (1979) and Juliana Mrvová (1979). In their present work is shown a need of defining their own visual programmes, of seeking new possibilities of expression and of content in the traditional framework of the medium of painting. What is seen at the exhibition is also the diversity of individual approaches and iconographic themes: imaginary visions of big-city and its “splendid” signs of power (M. Černušák), intimate peoples’ stories and images of faces (M. Czinege, A. Bartošová), a unique and poetic world of nature and flowers (J. Mrvová) or even some extreme examples of monochromatic painting influenced by popular culture (M. Gáberová).


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