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Boundary Fields

contemporary Slovak painting – between order and chaos

Exhibition title: Boundary Fields
Authors: Erik Binder, Ivan Dudáš, Stano Filko, Daniel Fischer, Peter Maukš, Denisa Lehocká, Adam Szentpétery, Vlasta Žáková
Venue: Kopplova vila GJK, Zelený kríček 3, Trnava
Curator: Vladimír Beskid
Opening: 16 February at 6.00 p.m., Koppel villa
Duration: 16. 2. 2006 – 19. 3. 2006


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The main aim of the exhibition is to introduce a part of contemporary Slovak art that is linked to science and verges on theoretic models and artistic transcript of the universe, of private visions. Based on knowledge or sometimes on the artist’s intuition, the works presented reflect up-to-date scientific theories (the chaos theory, the theory of deconstruction, of simulacrum, or fractal geometry, etc.), thus “breaking” the idea of closed composition of the painting and creating an open image field or a unique “dissolved” structure that displays something on the verge of abstraction, order and chaos, complex systems and errors, asymmetry, etc. In a complicated system of lines, in a vibrant composition of dots and rhythms emerge the parallels of micro-cosmos and macro-structures. 
Contemporary painting is perceived in wider perspective – from the traditional painting hanged on the wall to kinetic works, and towards 3D environment. The exhibition shows “virus” drawings and symbols by Erik Binder (1974), deconstruction fabrics by Vlasta Žáková (1981), geometric painter’s patterns by Adam Szentpétery (1955), combination of photographs and paintings of micro-environment by Daniel Fischer (1950), light objects by Peter Maukš (1972), short video-sequences by Ivan Dudáš (1980) and more complex visual environments by Stano Filko (1937) and intimate works by Denisa Lehocká (1971). 

The exhibition shows Slovak contemporary painting, supporting several generations of artists, presenting distinguished authors (D. Fisher, S. Filko, A. Szentpétery), well-known artists of young generation (E. Binder, D. Lehocká), and emerging artists of the rising generation (I. Dudáš, P. Maukš, V. Žáková).

The show has ties to two previous exhibition projects by the Galéria Jána Koniarka examining different representations of contemporary Slovak painting: Farbisto/dikOBRAZovo (2004) and bezobrazie/MEDIA S-CREAM (2005).


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