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Alien Bodies / Fremdkorper

Exhibition title: Alien Bodies / Fremdkorper
Place: Synagogue - Center of Contemporary Art, Halenárska 2, Trnava
Curators: Roman Minaev, Zorka Lednárová, Vladimír Beskid
Authors: Jovan Balov, Mr. Bra, Pavel Forman, Mindaugas Gapševičius, Aneta Mona Chisa, Martin Juef, Kunst fu (Gabika + Erik Binder), Zorka Lednárová, Dörte Meyer, Roman Minaev, Vladimír Sitnikov
Duration: 2. 3. 2005 - 13. 4. 2005



The theme of this exhibition is the existence of some kind of „alien bodies“ in different cultural environments within the context of today’s world and the context of contemporary art, situation of the artist – an (im)migrant and his experience with integration or estrangement (even in his own cultural environment). This touring exhibition project is the outcome of initiative of Eastern – Central European artists who live in Germany and by inviting artists from another countries the exhibition it is some kind of test on the issue of cultural contexts, some kind of individual „alienism“ as well as research into identity in general in the Central European context.

The exhibition represents a metaphorical crossing over the national and cultural borders as well as the attitude of the artist towards environment with existing local and international symbols. This enables us to see how living abroad influenced the artists‘ work as well as how the spontaneous “post-immigration“ effect affected defining their former identity. The exhibition shows a wide range of media representation and approaches ranging from objects, digital prints to photographs and audio-installations.

One of the most important standpoints of the curatorial concepts is presentation of the show in the native countries of the exhibiting artists. At each stop there are native artists and curators invited to participate and to make their contribution to the basic setup of the artists living in Germany. In Trnava were invited these young Slovak artists: Gabika Binderová and Erik Binder (Kunst-fu), Aneta Mona Chisa, Richard Fajnor and Marek Kvetan (Mr. Bra). This “Nomad“ exhibition project was launched in May 2004 having stops in Moscow, in Vilnius and in Prague. The next stop after Trnava is Macedonian town Skopije. The last of the exhibition series will take place in prestigious Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin in August 2005. There will be presented works by all the artists participating in the project.


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